Pasta Every Day

Make It, Shape It, Sauce It, Eat It


By Meryl Feinstein

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2024 James Beard Award Winner • Named a Best Cookbook of the Year by The New York TimesBon AppetitViceThe LA Times  • "A masterpiece." Vice

Make your homemade pasta dreams come true with this "new essential" (Food & Wine) from the creator of Pasta Social Club: the simplest guide ever to making fresh pasta doughs, shapes, fillings, and sauces—full of clever techniques and spectacularly delicious results.

Pasta just might be the perfect comfort food. Endlessly reinventable, it is a canvas for delicious dreams. And it’s well within your reach to make at home, anytime.
It can be super simple, like pici in butter: a revelation made from scratch with just four ingredients. Or it can be incredibly special: agnolotti stuffed with braised shallots and Grana Padano, each parcel a gleaming little gift.
In Pasta Every Day, Meryl Feinstein has created the world’s easiest-to-follow guide to making pasta doughs, shapes, fillings, and sauces. A celebrated pasta instructor, professional pasta maker, and founder of Pasta Social Club, she has years of experience helping thousands of cooks bring the pleasure of fresh pasta home. 
Step-by-step photos and videos (accessible via QR code) illustrate how to make every shape, eliminating the intimidation surrounding this centuries-old craft. And because Meryl knows just what you need to achieve success, she shows how to recover when something goes wrong and how to make your dishes look as good as they taste. Plus, she shares dozens of sauces to take all kinds of pasta to the next level—including the dry stuff from a box. Combinations include:
  • Winter Squash & Brown Butter Ravioli
  • Cavatelli with Fiery Calabrian Chili Sauce
  • Ricotta Gnocchi with Citrus & Pistachio Pesto
  • Tagliatelle with "Casual Bolognese"
  • Caramelle with Golden Saffron Sauce, and more

With modern takes on Italian classics, plus gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, this is pasta for today. Or every day. 

  • "The photos are coffee-table worthy, and the book itself is a new essential for any pasta-lover worth their salt."
    Food & Wine
  • "Simple homemade pasta? Believe it: in Pasta Every Day, Meryl Feinstein shares how you can live the fresh pasta life without losing your entire mind."
    Stained Page News
  • "Pasta enthusiast and founder of the Pasta Social Club Feinstein insists that 'the real key to pasta
    dough isn’t technique, it’s confidence.' This book's step-by-step photographic instruction in pasta making inspires just that.... Mouthwatering [and] smart.... This is for the true pasta enthusiast."
  • "With easy-to-follow instructions for an assortment of doughs, shapes, fillings, and sauces as well as QR codes to watch step-by-step videos, Pasta Every Day makes homemade pasta feel a little less intimidating and a lot more fun... home cooks will learn how to confidently tackle homemade pasta from start to finish—and maybe even feel comfortable enough to do it on a weeknight.
    Bon Appetit
  • "Is this the year you finally start making pasta from scratch? If you’re ready to take the leap, look no further than Pasta Every Day"
  • "One of the most intuitive pasta cookbooks we’ve ever come know you're in good hands and will be making some baller pasta."
    Adam Rothbarth, Vice
  • "Great for those of us who like to choose our own adventures. The tone is both informative and reassuring, and the beautiful images included, as well as the helpful step-by-step photos for shaping pasta, ensure that neither this book, nor that glossy new pasta roller, will be relegated to the basement."
    The New York Times

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Sep 12, 2023
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Photo of author Meryl Feinstein in the process of making pasta

Meryl Feinstein

About the Author

Meryl Feinstein is a chef, pasta maker, and food writer who left the corporate world in 2018 to graduate top of her class at the Institute of Culinary Education. After working at the renowned Lilia and Misi restaurants in New York City, where she was part of the pasta production team, she founded Pasta Social Club, a platform for sharing a love of food and learning. She now lives in Washington, DC, where she develops recipes and teaches pasta-making workshops. Her writing and recipes have been featured in Food & Wine and Food52, for which she was the website's Resident Pasta Maker. She has been quoted as an expert in pasta making for BBC Travel, La Cucina Italiana, Martha Stewart, New York Magazine, and more. 

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