Sorcery and Small Magics

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By Maiga Doocy

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From debut author Maiga Doocy comes the charming tale of an impulsive sorcerer and his curmudgeonly rival as they venture deep into a magical forest in search of a counterspell that can break the curse between them—only to discover that magic might not be the only thing pulling them together. 

Leovander Loveage is a master of small magics. He can summon butterflies with a song or turn someone’s hair pink by snapping his fingers. Though such minor charms don’t earn him much respect, anything more elaborate always blows up in his face, and so Leo vowed long ago never to use powerful magic again.

That is, until a mishap with a forbidden spell binds Leo to obey the commands of his longtime rival, Sebastian Grimm. Grimm is Leo’s complete opposite—respected, exceptionally talented, and absolutely insufferable. The only thing they can agree on is that revealing the curse between them would mean the end of their respective magical careers. They need a counterspell, and fast.

Chasing rumors of a powerful sorcerer with a knack for undoing curses, Leo and Grimm enter the Unquiet Wood, a forest infested with murderous monsters and dangerous outlaws alike. To break the curse, they will have to uncover the true depths of Leo’s magic, set aside their long-standing rivalry, and—much to their horror—work together.

Even as an odd spark of attraction flares between them.

  • "With a vibrantly imagined world and characters that leap off the page, Sorcery and Small Magics positively sparkles with wit and charm. It's a light-hearted tale of friendship, forgiveness, magic and love. Much like Doocy's opposites-attract heroes, Leo and Grimm, this book sings, leaving you spellbound and wanting more."
    Julie Leong, author of The Teller of Small Fortunes
  • "Sorcery and Small Magics smoulders like spell-paper, set aflame by its singular enchanted setting, a spirited violin soundtrack and plenty of charming chaos. The hesitant care that Leo and Grimm show each other as they work to dispel a genuinely terrifying curse is heart-warming."
    Sylvie Cathrall, author of A Letter to the Luminous Deep
  • "As sparkling and delicious as enchanted champagne, Sorcery and Small Magics is full of wit, joy and real heart. I loved it!"
    Stephanie Burgis, author of Scales and Sensibility
  • Sorcery and Small Magics is nothing short of masterful. Leo Lovage could read me the phone book and I’d be delighted, and I would gladly take an arrow for either Leo or Grimm.”
    Megan Bannen, author of The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy
  • "Charming, cheeky and utterly magical."
    Davinia Evans, author of Notorious Sorcerer
  • "Reading Sorcery and Small Magics feels like stepping into the world of the ultimate comfort story. Packed with humor and heart, Doocy's debut had me grinning from ear to ear and giggling the whole way through. This is a cozy, whimsical spin on academia that will give you all the warm fuzzy feels!"
    Sydney Shields, author of The Honey Witch

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Oct 15, 2024
Page Count
400 pages

Maiga Doocy

About the Author

Maiga Doocy lives in a house where the people are outnumbered by cats, has a serious tea habit, and loves sad songs. She likes to write stories that are full of bittersweet longing and as much unexplainable magic as she can get away with. Sorcery and Small Magics is her debut novel.

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