The Theoretical Minimum

What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics

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Apr 22, 2014

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A master teacher presents the ultimate introduction to classical mechanics for people who are serious about learning physics

"Beautifully clear explanations of famously 'difficult' things," — Wall Street Journal

If you ever regretted not taking physics in college — or simply want to know how to think like a physicist — this is the book for you. In this bestselling introduction to classical mechanics, physicist Leonard Susskind and hacker-scientist George Hrabovsky offer a first course in physics and associated math for the ardent amateur. Challenging, lucid, and concise, The Theoretical Minimum provides a tool kit for amateur scientists to learn physics at their own pace.

What's Inside

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"Beautifully clear explanations of famously 'difficult things.'" —John Gribbin, Wall Street Journal
"What a wonderful and unique resource. For anyone who is determined to learn physics for real, looking beyond conventional popularizations, this is the ideal place to start." —Sean Carroll, New York Times-bestselling author of Something Deeply Hidden
"A spectacular effort to make the real stuff of theoretical physics accessible to amateurs." —Tom Siegfried, Science News
"Very readable. Abstract concepts are well explained.... [The Theoretical Minimum] does provide a clear description of advanced classical physics concepts, and gives readers who want a challenge the opportunity to exercise their brain in new ways." —Lowry Kirkby, Physics World
"Readers ready to embrace their inner applied mathematics will enjoy this brisk, bare-bares introduction to classical mechanics." —Publishers Weekly
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The Theoretical Minimum