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Brevity is confidence. Length is fear. This is the guiding principle of Smart Brevity, a communication formula built by Axios journalists to prioritize essential news and information, explain its impact and deliver it in a concise and visual format. Now, the co-founders of Axios have created an essential guide for communicating effectively and efficiently using Smart Brevity—think Strunk and White’s Elements of Style for the digital age.
In SMART BREVITY: The Power of Saying More with Less, Axios co-founders Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz teach readers how to say more with less in virtually any format. They also share communications lessons learned from their decades of experience in media, business and communications.

What's Inside

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A Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestseller!

“Smart... [it offers] ways to communicate in a short-attention-span world."
The New York Times' DealBook

"A slick, engaging and…laudable effort to help communicators reach through the verbal haze and grab readers by the lapels."
The Wall Street Journal

“The writing of Smart Brevity is refreshingly taut and punchy; most of the sentences are finely crafted, short, and to the point, and rip across the page.”
The New Republic 

"The Axios founders’ new book makes the case for condensed communication—in an increasingly complex world."
The New Yorker 
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