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From an international bestselling author: one foggy Paris night, a young woman is fished out of the Seine with no memory of who she is —but the quest to identify her leads to a woman who is already dead.

On a winter night in Paris, a young woman is pulled naked out of the Seine. She has amnesia and bears no identifying marks apart from two peculiar tattoos. She is rushed to the infirmary of Paris police headquarters, but only a few hours later, she disappears.
DNA analysis reveals her identity. She is the famous pianist Milena Bergman. But that’s impossible, because Milena died in a plane crash more than a year ago. Raphael, Milena’s former fiancé desperate for answers, and Roxane, a cop hell-bent on proving herself after a recent fall from grace, spearhead the investigation. Their quest to uncover the truth quickly reveals secrets long buried, a web of impostors, and danger lurking in plain sight. Nevertheless, they are determined to get to the center of this mystery: How can a person be both dead and alive at the same time?

What's Inside

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“A superior thriller . . . Musso delivers a satisfying resolution to the puzzle . . . and Roxane’s inner conflicts about staying on the police force in a time of social upheaval lend welcome emotional depth."—Publisher's Weekly
Praise for Central Park:
"Musso, as reflected in Sam Taylor’s nimble translation, spoons out details and misdirection with brio, along with the roots of Alice’s raw rage, carrying this reader along for longer than she bargained for."—Sarah Weinman, New York Times Book Review
“In this variation on the perennially popular two-strangers-chained-together-who-have-to-get-along narrative, a detective wakes up in Central Park’s wildest part, the Ramble, handcuffed to a stranger with unclear intentions and an even murkier past. This one is sure to please those who like to use reading as their cardio.”—CrimeReads
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