The Rest Is History

From Ancient Rome to Ronald Reagan—History's Most Curious Questions, Answered


By Goalhanger Podcasts

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This entertaining companion to the massively popular history podcast tackles everything from Alexander the Great to Agatha Christie, the Wars of the Roses to Watergate–with a unique blend of wit, wisdom, and good old-fashioned banter
The Rest Is History podcast brilliantly distills major moments in human history, covering everything from the Trojan War to a historical ranking of the greatest dogs. Now, this official tie-in book brings the chart-topping podcast’s charms to the page, offering readers a fresh, wide-ranging tour of humanity’s essential, and essentially weird, moments, including:
– Did the Trojan War actually happen?
– What was the most disastrous party in history?
– Was Richard Nixon more like Caligula or Claudius?
– How did a hair appointment almost blow Churchill’s cover?
– Why did the Nazis believe they were descended from Atlantis?

Featuring an introduction from podcast hosts Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook, this book cleverly demonstrates that the past—from modern to ancient and every time in between—is both closer to us than we might realize and bafflingly strange, all at once. So run your Egyptian milk bath, strap up your best Spartan sandals, and prepare for a journey down the highways and byways of the human past.
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  • “A wacky collection of historical musings, charts, wildly random Top 10 lists, and illustrations by Adam Doughty that are as irreverent as they are hilarious (just like the podcast)… Laughter and chuckles abound, making this a jolly, informative read for the history fan and neophyte alike.”
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Dec 5, 2023
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