Anxiety Mindset Coach and hypnotherapist Georgie Collinson offers a 12-week program to help you master your anxious mind and achieve unshakable inner confidence

The Anxiety Reset Method is a 12-week program designed to combat high-functioning anxiety, using holistic solutions that address both the psychological and physical factors behind anxiety. Merging science with the spiritual, and good health with good sense, this successful method addresses both mind and body in order to build resilience and change your relationship to anxiety forever.

High-functioning anxiety is a perfectionistic, pressure-fueled type of anxiety. Despite the anxious feelings, people with high-functioning anxiety perform well, often very well, and are experts at hiding their struggle. But beneath the successful exterior, they feel panicked, overwhelmed, and pushed to the breaking point.

Over the course of 12 weeks, anxiety mindset coach, hypnotherapist, certified nutritionist, and naturopath Georgie Collinson will help you transform your relationship to anxiety. With practices, weekly checklists, and key idea sections, The Anxiety Reset Method provides a clear pathway to overcome the exhausting pressure of high-functioning anxiety and build the resilience you need to thrive​. Your anxiety has controlled the narrative for too long—it’s time to master your anxiety and find the unshakeable inner confidence you deserve.  

“An approachable program I wholeheartedly believe actually works”—Sarah Wilson, New York Times Bestselling author of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful ​Master Your Anxious Mind

What's Inside

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“An approachable program I wholeheartedly believe actually works.” —Sarah Wilson, New York Times Bestselling author of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful
"Georgie's variety of experience creates a refreshing and inspiring take on how to tackle high-functioning anxiety, to allow more space for an impactful life." —Natalie Ellis, founder and CEO of Bossbabe
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