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"An exceptional debut…. reads like a Becky Chambers novel crossed with Firefly" Michael Mammay, author of Planetside on Nophek Gloss

"A sucker punch to the sense…. A killer story with real heart and soul." Alastair Reynolds on Nophek Gloss

Inthe second book in this highly imaginative new space opera trilogy by debut author Essa Hansen, a young man on the run finds himself on the wrong side of his former best friend's gun in an action-packed adventure perfect for fans of The Expanse and A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet.

Caiden has been on the run for ten years with his unique starship in order to keep his adversary, Threi, imprisoned. But when an old friend he'd once thought dead reappears, he is lured into a game of cat and mouse with the one person whose powers rival Threi's: Threi's sister Abriss. Now with both siblings on the hunt for Caiden and his ship, Caiden must rescue his long-lost friend from their clutches and uncover the source of both his ship's power and his own origins in order to stop Abriss's plan to collapse the multiverse.

But his old friend has changed far more than Caiden could have ever imagined, and if he wants to save her, he's going to have to call on his old crew to help him get her back. But what if she doesn't want to be saved?

Praise for the series:

"Gripping and inventive, Nophek Gloss will delight even as it breaks your heart" Megan E. O'Keefe, award-winning author of Velocity Weapon

"A strong, rollercoaster of a debut" Gareth L. Powell, author of The Embers of War

"Bursting with strange characters and powerful SF action" Rob Boffard, author of Adrift

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“An intriguing bubble universe setting, flawed characters, and advanced technology from a compelling sf story that will draw in and hold readers until the very last page ... Hansen’s marvelous debut is a fast-paced, action-filled ride through the multiverse, introducing a complex found family of gender- and neurodiverse characters.”—Library Journal
“Essa Hansen's debut is an intoxicating and thrilling science fiction read...Hansen creates a vivid, colorful setting that's full of strange tech, fantastic aliens, and reality-warping spaceships. It's mind-bending fun.”—Apple Books, “10 Amazing Debuts”
"Nophek Gloss is one of the most vividly imaginative science fiction books I’ve ever read...If you love all the original, advanced technology you could possibly handle, a lovable, intriguing main cast with a lot of history and scars, and a fast-paced plot, then this is one you might want to pick up."—FanFi Addict
"Unpredictable and strikingly unique, Azura Ghost is science fiction without any limits to its imagination. Genre-breaking brilliance!"—David Dalglish, USA Today bestselling author
"A blistering crash through bubble universes, seas of the luminous dead, and sleeping alien cities. Liquid-crystal star ships, living machines, reality-cleaving swordplay, and a dynasty whose words command your synapses and cells. Heart-heavy, astonishingly inventive, with language that burns like plasma. A biomechanical sucker punch of a book. The space opera you've been waiting for."—Micah Dean Hicks, author of Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones
"Essa Hansen is one of the most imaginative authors in science fiction today, and in AZURA GHOST she delivers a thrill ride of a story."

 —Michael Mammay, author of Planetside
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