One Moment

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Mar 12, 2024

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This heart-wrenching, page-turning read about friendship, love, and loss will appeal to fans of Rebecca Serle and Josie Silver.

One moment in time can change everything…

The day Scarlett dies, her hopes and dreams for the future die with her…or so she thinks. Because she’s still here—wherever here is—watching the ripple effect of her death on the lives of those she loved the most. She’d do anything to go back and join the living, especially Evie, her best friend who needs her now more than ever.

Scarlett and Evie have been inseparable since they were ten years old. Now Evie can’t imagine life without Scarlett, and she certainly doesn’t want to forgive Nate, the man she blames for her best friend's death, simply because she needs to hold someone accountable. Yet Nate keeps showing up in her life—so charming and outgoing, just like Scarlett—when all Evie wants is to retreat from the world. 

But Evie’s not alone. Scarlett is still by her side, even as she wrestles with the choices that led to that fateful day. Knowing what she knows now, and seeing Evie bravely embrace a future without her, would Scarlett go back and alter the events that changed their lives forever? 

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"A captivating and bittersweet mix of love, loss, and the enduring friendship between two extraordinary women. You'll be thinking about these characters long after you turn the last page. An emotional yet uplifting delight!"
  —Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author.
“Rarely have I laughed and cried in such equal measure while reading a novel. Tender, poignant, and simply wonderful, this story filled my heart.”  —Mia Sheridan, New York Times bestselling author
"A story to cherish—and share with a friend." —Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author
“Captures the joy of a lifelong friendship... Fans of JoJo Moyes will devour Becky Hunter's stunning tale.” —Sunday Express
"I adored this emotional debut from Becky Hunter. It's such a gorgeous tale of love and friendship, beautifully written and with characters you really believe in." —Georgina Moore, author of The Garnett Girls
“This emotional read about friendship, love and loss is touching and relatable with an unexpected ending that leaves you reeling.” —Good Housekeeping
“A beautiful, bittersweet examination of friendship, love and grief, prepare to ugly cry and snort laugh with abandon.”  —Heat
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