Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book


By Alice Kuipers

Illustrated by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

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Violet and Victor Small are twins on a mission: to write the best book in the whole, entire world–together! Victor is reluctant, but Violet is determined, and soon the ideas can’t come quickly enough.

They begin to write a story about a hungry Bookworm who is eating all the books in the library. Thanks to Victor’s brilliant ideas, Violet is able to save the day (and the library).

This delightful story-within-a-story is filled with good-natured sibling rivalry, and focuses on the spirit of cooperation, the satisfaction of a job well-done, and the magic of storytelling.

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Dec 2, 2014
Page Count
40 pages

Alice Kuipers

About the Author

Alice Kuipers is British but lives in Canada. She is the award-winning author of five young adult novels, and a chapter book series. She tries her best to help Violet and Victor when they want writing tips for their books.

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Bethanie Deeney Murguia

About the Illustrator

Bethanie Deeney Murguia earned an MFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and is the creator of numerous picture books, including Zoe’s Jungle and I Feel Five. Bethanie, her family, and their dog, Disco, live in Northern California.

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